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Dedicated Account Manager

You receive a dedicated account manager to help prepare your offering, which will then be reviewed by vfundu’s compliance team

Transparent Process

Our dedicated staff will provide you with seamless experience of fund raising in the most effective manner

Real-Time Updates

Use the vfundu dashboard to view real time status of your Fund raising process

Communicate with Investors

Companies can communicate and provide clarifications to Investors

Raise Funds - Why vfundu.com

Access to Capital

vfundu, offers an exciting platform to present your ideas to potential investors across geographies and enable effectively raise the required capital to further your business. We particularly support innovative and SME businesses to raise growth capital. who can create significant value for all stakeholders

Pre-vetted Investor Base

Our Platform has approved and pre-vetted global investors, which have been cleared by our complaince team. These Investors are individuals, HNIs and Financial Institutions looking for high quality investment opportunities

Create Business Synergies

By attracting multiple investors you are creating brand and business ambassadors to further your growth potential

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vfundu reviews every company application internally to determine our compliance and eligibility requirements. Please see indicative List of Information required before applying

Create your Proposal

Your Proposal your Style. You can also work with our creative team to build and design your campaign page to elicit investor(s) interest. Our creative team can assist you!

List for Funding

Your Proposal which includes funding requirments, valuation benchmarks, price per share and other terms of the issuance will be listed on our platform to be evaluated by potential investors.

Our technical team can support you in analyzing and structuring your fund raise to make it a Success!

Advisory team
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You pay Success Fee to us only when your proposal is successfully funded

Entrepreneurs FAQ's

vfundu brings the Investors and Business needing funds on the same platform. Eligible Business units can run their fundraising exercise on this platform wherein a number of investors choose to invest into the business units of their choice.
vfundu has set certain guidelines and eligibility criteria for any business to register on the platform. Once you successfully pass the eligibility criteria and the required due diligence process is completed, the business unit becomes eligible to raise funds on the vfundu platform
There are 3 basic simple steps that needs to be completed to submit your proposal * Go online and login/register if you are not already registered, to the vfundu platform * Fill up the online eligibility form and submit all the details that is required. * Submit the term sheets and marketing presentation (IM)
* After you submit your proposal online, the management will do a due diligence and a review of all the material that has been submitted. * vfundu will determine whether the proposal will be approved on based on the benchmarks and guidelines already set up as part of the approval process. * vfundu might ask for more documents/information as part of its due diligence and approval process. * The decision will be conveyed to you via the proper process. * In case your proposal is approved then you have the green light to go ahead and start marketing the fundraising process and will be visible to all investors listed on vfundu.
* The Approval process is estimated to take about 2 -3 weeks – This process consists of determining the eligibility, conducting the Due diligence process, reviewing the financial information, Business feasibility etc * Pre Fund raising process approximately take 2-3 weeks This process basically consists of helping the businesses in preparing the proposal in terms of marketing and presenting the information in the right and transparent manner to the investors . When the process is completed the fund raising exercise is ready to start . * Fund raising Period this process will take approximately 60 to 90 days depending on the size and terms of issue (mainly to take care of oversubscription if any) and the response to the proposal. * Post fund raising process - 2 to 3 weeks .Once the fund raising process is completed the necessary documentation need to be executed and shares have to be issued and all expenses including fees need to be settled by the business unit. The transfer of funds raised also needs to be transferred to the business unit.
vfundu cannot guarantee 100% success for every campaign . However we would like to draw attention to the following aspects of a fund raising program which improves the probability of success * Strong growth oriented Business model supported by a proper business plan and vision. * Existing track record goes a long way to create investor confidence especially for operational businesses. * Transparency and honesty in preparing the business presentation and related materials and covering all aspects of the business gives a feel good factor for any investor. * Realistic estimates of revenue and costs , disclosing all risks associated with the business is very important to gain investor confidence * Businesses have to be proactive and get investors apart from the existing pool of investors listed on vfundu.
There will be an initial non-refundable listing fees of 2000 US dollars for every application. If the application is approved then the Listing fees will be adjusted against the final success fees. vfundu currently charges 6.75% (exclusive of applicable taxes like VAT etc) as fees for successful fund raising. All incidental legal, administrative, marketing, documentation other charges will be charged to the Business units based on actual costs incurred by vfundu.
vfundu has a defined list of documents that needs to be submitted alongwith the application. They are as follows * Historical Audited Financial statements for atleast 3 years * Future Financial projections * Detailed Business plan * Valuation to justify that price at which the funds are being raised in case of equity * Business pitch for Investors * Presentation which clearly and transparently depicts all facts about the business which proposes to raise funds. * Trade Licence. * Any other documents that may be required to finally approve the listing.
Once the fund raising process is completed and the necessary formalities and documentation is completed, the funds will be transferred by vfundu to the business Units ’s bank account.