What We Offer Investors

Pre-screened Global Opportunities

vfundu along with its partner network presents you with Global opportunities. These exciting and unique opportunities are evaluated using advanced techniques for providing magnified returns

Portfolio Diversification

The Investors have the potential of reaping substantial rewards and can subscribe to one or more proposals. vfundu allows Investors to subscribe to the fund raising programme by keeping the investment amount to its minimum and achive portfolio diversification

Ease of Investment

Our systems are AI driven and designed to facilitate ease in investing. From your investor dashboard on vfundu you will be able to track all of your investments

Transparent Process

Investors will have access and control over investment process with maximum flexibility

Advantages of Investing on vfundu

Professional Management Team

We are team of experienced and qualified professionals, with years of diverse sectoral and transactional experience. Our team has been involved across multiple and complex M&As, JVs and Fund Raising transactions

Access to Information and Analysis

Our Platform provides ability for Investors to evaluate each investment opportunity by providing relevant information and incisive analysis

Communicate with Issuers

Our Platform allows Investors to communicate with Issuers directly on respective transactions and take informed decisions

Regulated & Leagal Framework

Our Platform follows prescribed regulatory guidelines to effectively protect the interest of Issuers and Investors

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Investments on this platform are of high risk, speculative, illiquid, and involves a high

degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment

Investor FAQ's

vfundu is a platform offering an opportunity for investors to participate in the growth of established and start-up’s businesses. Investments through this platform have the ability to generate potential high returns by creating long-term value for business owners and all other stakeholders.
You can subscribe by visiting the specific proposal that you want to invest and click the subscribe button and then follow the process as advised.
You will receive shares in the business directly by the company that you have subscribed as an investor.
Any individual or corporate looking for higher returns. We however strongly recommend you to read the risk disclosures.
The minimum amount that can be invested is US$100 or as may be defined by each investment proposal.
The maximum amount that can be invested is US$250,000 for Corporates and US$50,000 per annum for Individuals or as applicable,subject to applicable regulatory restrictions.
vfundu charges minimum fees of US$29 per investment or 3.5% of the funds invested whichever is higher. This fee will only be charged once the funds are successfully invested.
Funds can be transferred by way of bank transfers or credit cards into the designated account of vfundu.
When you subscribe to any business proposal, the relevant amount would be earmarked out of your funds held with vfundu. The funds will be transferred to the business only when the fund raising process is completed successfully unless you have withdrawn from the investment proposal prior to its closure.You will be provided with a clear 48hours notice, prior to closing.
The right of Investors is decided by the management of businesses.These rights are generally mentioned in the term sheet and other documents made available by the businesses. Hence, it is important to read the offer documents carefully to understand the rights available and the risks associated with the business.
Every business proposal undergoes a due diligence process. An internal screening procedure and an elementary third party due diligence is done for all business that wish to raise fund on vfundu. However, we strongly recommend that you adopt a process to evaluate the proposals as you would do for any other investment that you make. You should do your own checks and due diligence on the management and analyze the data which is made available by the businesses by whatever means possible.
The process of due diligence checks the entity’s legal status and Bonafides. vfundu checks the following:
  • * All Company documents like Incorporation licences and other legal documents to check the legal existence.
  • * The background of the owners and management of the business for any history of fraud/crime or default or fines from regulatory authorities etc, to the extent publically available.
  • * The businesses applying to raise funds on vfundu are prima-facie legitimate and exist.
vfundu will also work with external specialists to conduct this activity, if deemed appropriate.
You will receive shares in the business that you have subscribed as an investor