vfundu Risk Warning

Risk Warning

We would like to highlight the below mentioned risks that must be considered while investing in the businesses seeking to raise funds on the platform. These units are mainly private limited companies and are managed by entrepreneurs who may not have a past performance history.

Your investment may lose value - The business proposals that are available for investment through our Website are small and medium sized companies and/or start-up/nascent companies managed by entrepreneurs, seeking to introduce new initiatives/ services/ products. and may not have a proven track record.

Risk Disclosure - The initial term sheets and documents will outline all kinds of risks associated with the businesses. vfundu has no way of assessing whether these risks has been disclosed in full and will not be liable for any failure to disclose such risks or failure of the business.

Your investments are not liquid and cannot be liquidated - These Investments are in companies which don’t have public trading platform as they are private companies and there may never be a market for the shares in the Businesses that you decide to invest. Hence, you may not be able to sell these shares or realize any profit (even a return of capital) from any investment that you make.

The business listed under our website are not under any obligation to either report their audited financial reports neither are they regulated like public listed companies

Although the website requires these companies to submit their Financial Statements as well as significant changes that will affect their businesses, there is no guarantee that they will abide by this. We also cannot guarantee any action/penalties for the same in case they do not abide by the guidelines that are applicable to them and transparently displayed on the website.

None of the businesses are regulated, being private companies, and are not under any obligation to disclose specific information or adhere to any regulations.

We wish to reiterate that past performance is not an indicator of future performance and is not indicative of future returns. You are likely to lose all your investments and we are not responsible for any losses that may arise.

Private company risks are much higher than public listed companies and may not be suitable to all investors. vfundu does not provide any support or advice of any nature in relation to the Investments that the investor(s) might decide to invest into.

Terms of the Prospectus and other materials:

The investors are strongly advised to read the documents and Business proposals uploaded on the website. The investors should carefully consider the terms of the offer as the shares issued by the company may or may not offer voting or other rights to the investors to prevail in the decision making or any other aspect of the business. In case of any such rights offered there is no guarantee that these are legally enforceable. vfundu will not be responsible for any failure or non-adherence to rights that may have been offered under the documents or term sheets.