Financial Modeling

A successful idea or a business needs a thought through fundamental achievable plan

We support our Clients in preparing complex business and financial models, including vetting business assumptions, crystalizing financial strategies to reflect implementable & realize systematic growth strategies

Transaction Structuring

We have a team of experienced professions providing support to our clients in transaction implementation

Our incisive analysis of the transaction objective(s) provides assistance to our clients in evolving appropriate transaction structure for fund raising and other complex situations including , restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and divestures

We also provide services to coordinate with respective financial and legal advisors in streamlining transaction implementation

Placement Memorandom

An impressive information deck is a key component in your fundraising toolkit

We support our clients in preparation of a information deck for eliciting interest in potential investors about your idea and business…leading to an investment


Valuation is an ‘Art’ rather than science.

We support our Clients in complex valuation assessments with thoughtful strategies.  We possess extensive knowledge and our overall agility, enables us to add the greatest value to your challenges

Methods used in business and equity valuation are only a means and a beginning to assess the intrinsic value of the asset you possess

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